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The planetarium is a sky simulator showing some 9000 stars under a 18 m (60 ft.) diameter dome.

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Visitor Attractions

» Germanisches Nationalmuseum

Founded in 1852, the GNM is the largest museum of the art and culture of the German-speaking world.

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» Historischer Kunstbunker (World War II Art Bunker)

It is hard to imagine Nuremberg without the famous works of art that decorate its churches and fill its streets and museums.

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» Historisches Straßenbahndepot (Historic Streetcar Depot St. Peter)

The historic streetcar depot tells the story of the streetcar since 1881 with historic originals and informative models.

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» Hut-Museum Brömme (Hat Museum Broemme)

Johann Broemme opened his first workshop in 1878 and it is still producing hats today in the loving hands of the families 4th generation.

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» Kaiserburg (Imperial Castle)

Nuremberg's hallmark, the Imperial Castle, crowns the hill above the old town.

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» Kasematten und Lochwasserleitung (Casemates and Water Supply Conduits)

Deep inside the castle bastions, at the level of the moat, is a network of high vaulted passageways known as casements.

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» Kindermuseum (Childrens Museum)

At the Nuremberg Children's Museum, the motto is "hands on"!

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» Krankenhausmuseum (Hospital Museum)

The museum documents the history both of the municipal hospital and of medical and health services in Nuremberg.

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» Kunsthalle Nürnberg (Gallery of Contemporary Art)

The building occupied by the Kunsthalle Nürnberg was erected in 1912 at the Marientor (on the site of a former fortified city gate) to house the municipal art collection.

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» Kunsthaus Nürnberg (Art House Nuremberg)

Over the last sixteen years the KUNSTHAUS in the Karl Grillenberger Str. has been really on the beat with over two hundred exhibitions.

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